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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 18, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight on e.t. candid confessions. >> 10 to 14 was the bulk of my anorexia. >> powerful women. >> i don't think of myself as a celebrity. >> and so much good gossip. >> you have been out spotted. >> also garth brooks new york takeover. his big return nearly 20 years in the making. >> if that's not you're going for, why are you getting up in the morning. >> plus celine deon describes her final moments with her husband. >> i saw him suffer. that's the worse. >> and chrissy teigen's first interview since giving birth to her baby girl. they just use you for your milk and you're just a cow.
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>> now this is enterta tonight. >> and the final three on dancing with the stars and ginger zee is going public with the secret and cone keep it any longer. >> cameron has the story. >> my parents divorced when i was 7 and i think it effected my childhood a lot. i needed to con something so i was like i know what i'll do. i'll just noteat. 10 to 14 was the bulk of my anorexia. i don't think i even knew how bad it was at that >> you know, everybody has gone through something and i think it's a disease that you choose, unfortunately. but it chooses a lot of people and a lot of young girls especially deal with it. >> ginger used therapy to overcome her childhood eating disorder but now she is more obsessed with exercising. since having her son almost five months ago the 35-year-old mom dropped all the baby weight on the show. >> you don't have to be stuck there.
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there's a whole life beyond your issue there and that's okay that you have it but you can through it. >> ginger and val are one the final three couples left standing. last night double elimination and t beloved under antonio brown holt. >> if you talk to your kids how are they goi to feel about that. >> they'll be sad but glad daddy comes back to where they're at. >> the favorite isnyle and has that hot shirtless guy thing going for him. >> last night the top model performed. >> he was really relying on touch and also d as one. >> will you give the people what they want and us see this man shirtless again. >> maybe. i don't know yet. i don't know. >> has the mom/gma like ability but her secret wea is and as for paige van zandt
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last night's dance with mark was awesome. but everyone wants to know if she'll have the guy with the man burn. after a chemistry on the show the two were getting cozy at the after party. >> what is that chemistry? a girl does not kiss and tell. >>okay. all right well a source tells me that the whole romance rumor between her and allen is and not happening so there you have it. >> you want to get accurate. because she might knock you out. >> now a lot oftv news out of new york. rumors persist that kelly ripa might move live because of her husband's new tv show so our tv editor asked mark to set the record straight. >> is the show going to filming in california. >> yeah. >> so i have to know then would kelly be interested in moving live with kelly to california? >> i think it's shot in new york. >> yeah. but she wouldn't want to be far away from you.
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>> sometimes -- maybe she no, i'm joking. it's only a few months. >> how are things as she is searching for her new co-host? >> it's going great. >> kelly seemed way more relaxed today. kelly and this morning's guest host rocked out in karaok karaoke roulette. is jamal liondead. >> that didn't look like a fatal shot to me but then you had to go off on twitter and write this somber message what a great time you've had on the show. >> which is true. i have. >> you're just messing wi us. >> it's going to be wrapped up and handled in a beautiful way. there's going to be some tears but there's also going to be a lot offhappiness. >> empire's finale airs tomorrow night on fox and the network also renewed ryan murphy' scream queens starring lea michelle and she has a new boyfriend. >> you have been out spotted looking amazing but with
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handsome eye candy. >> i have. >> yeah. plflt robert buckley. i'm a hugeizombie fan. talk to me. >> i'm feeling great super happy. i feel very lucky and grateful in my life right now. >> just listen to this. susan sarandon. >> what brought you back into the fold. >> first of all i lo idea of the story. of these two women. >> the seri is called feud and it explores the epic rivalry between crawford and davis. >> how have you stepping into those amazing shoes of betty davis? >> i sta watching her movies again. i watched all about eve. >> it's going to be a bumpy night. >> i'm kind of terrified but i'm excited at the same time. >> meanwhile there is more news. abc announced today scandal not be back this fall.
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michelle turner here and thankfully you have an explanation. >> i do. calm oun. calm down. it's going to be okay. kerry washington din want to spend another season doing this. >> hiding behind everyone. >> we're carrying your bag. >> that babybump, whatever they do on those type of shows. that did that in her first pregnancy but she decided for this one but the show will be back in 2017. >> you were in new york city hanging with megyn kelly. >> she is prime tile now. a big special that airs tonight on fox now. we all remember how donald trump attacked her after the debate last august i wonder how was it to sit down with him face to face. >> first moment, awkwardness at all? >> yes. absolutely. when i went into trump tower that day i was a little anxious. i didn't know if he would try to embarrass me or threaten me but
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he did non of those things. >> like her or not you hav to respect her for standing up for herself in the face of >> megyn kelly is a light weight. >> i don't think she's very good. i think she's highly overrated. >> i have great respect you that you were able to call me and say let's get together let's talk. me, i would not have done that. >> almost like when a little likes a little girl and pulls her pig or trea her bad. >> doesn't it blow your mind that so much was made over your hair cut? >> it was so funny. and the re did a follow up interview about the hair and she called me back and said i need to know why you cut your hair and i said because it was long and i wanted it short. >> some are calling her the next oprah or barbara walters but hollywood is taking notice of the 45-year-old happily married mother of 3. >> how do you get an inside to
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the met gala. >> i don't know. i feel a little ridiculous posing on the red carpet it was amazing. i met taylor swift as i was walking in who was awesome so i shake her hand and she sees me and she says oh, wow, megyn kelly. powerful woman. good for you. and i'm like you too. >> she could end up in swift's girl squad. she ends up in the next video it's over. she also talks to michael douglas, laverne cox and rob shapiro. he's the one person that still makes her star struck because she looked up to him for years. >> another news making interview celine deon talking for the first time sin her husband's death and the first words we're hearing are heartbreaking brave. >> i saw him suffer. and that is worst. >> during renee final moments
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assured him that she and her sons would go on as his living legacy. >> i promise you we're going to be okay. please leave in peace. i don't want you to worry. >> she tells abc news deborah roberts that she explained his death to 15-year- renee charles and nelson and eddie by comparing it to the movie up up where balloons lift a house into a peaceful sky. >> today papa wentup. the only thing i wanted was for them to say up. up is a good thing. up is uplifting. we' to celebrate right now because papa is no in pain. >> they even still talk about it they say good night and they say good night papa, you're up. >> the full interviiw airs tomorrow on gma and nightline and for a final good-bye celine reveals she her boys held
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their own up fair well. >> we're going to make a wish and talk to papa and we're going to say papa love you. have a good up and we're going to spread this and it's going to go to him. >> up next we have big news from the big apple. >> if you're going to do something big you're in the right place forit. >> garth brooks back in new york. how he is planning to top his historic concert. >> plus a rare oleson twin sighting. are they smiling? >> and bathing
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♪ >> that is the last time we saw garth brooks play a conc and it was historic. i was among the hundreds of thousands of people that packed central park. a record setting crowd and that was nearly two decades ago our new york edition of know a tell. garth's nycreturn. >> the first ever country artist to play at yankee stadiu what does that mean to you. >> if you're going to do something big you're in the right place.
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>> announcing details about his july 9th tour stop with wife trisha yearwood. >> you're a huge bas fan. are you going to be fan boying a little bit that night. >> i'm going to ask if i can go see the locker room. >> garth th boy. we love it and garth the big guy with one lucky michigan fan that bought the 4 millionth ticket to a show. she got to meet them and a her student loans all paid off. >> took it all in and she brought her dad back of all things which me being a dad of a daughter, i automatically started crying. >> next up, kim k. makes promise we're not totally sure we want her to keep. >> nude selfies until i die. >> kim was olo a the award for breaking the internet. she did go off to cannes snapchating before changing into this slip dress. >> and finally, the oleson twins. mary kate and ashley picking out
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flowers for their soo to open boutique on sunday. mary-kate's husband was there too and what we can't get over not a cigaret coffee cup in sight but we see mary-kate smile? maybe it's that $30,000 handbag from their collection that the sisters were twinning with. >> there worth an estimated $300 million. that will buy you a of cigarettes and coffee. they're really ha >> two stars tripped down to their swim suits. they tell us how get bikini ready. we want to hear them. and chhissyteigen talking all about her newbaby. >> i grilled michael weatherly about his good-bye. will he end up with the love of his life. >> it's a very emot episode. >> closed captioning provided by. ♪
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it's already swim suit season for two of hollywood' hottest kate hudson and olivia munn and we have the exclusive look inside their bikin shoot. not one, not two but 8 different sexy and sporty looks and it turns out her workout style isn't making her friends at the gym. >> there's the girl at the gym talking to herself and hollaring and singing music. >> kate says knows what to eat to stay healthy but admits he is notperfect. >> when i started to see myself slipping and you can see it, know, then i go back to my protein shakes and my salads and it makes me feel better. >> 35-year-old olivia munn rocks 7 different swim wear for the june issue of women's health and credits intense ma are rtias
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training and she has a new diet that sounds a little like a math equation. >> 80% of your diet is fruits and vegetables and 20% is whatever. so it can be any kind of meat or breads or anything but mostly fruits and vegetables. >> you can check out the bat beauties for both issues on stands may 4th. >> i like the anything else part that equation. it won't be t long before we biniki again.igen back in a how many new moms look like this weeks after giving birth? that's what you call #so n fair. and we have her talking all abher baby giluna in new york today. >> she just turned amonth. what is she doing now? >> she is like now rather than looking right through you she
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looks at you. >> what's the most surprising thing? >> t feeding schedule surprised me a if you do the math you're kind of breast feeding for like 10 hours a day total. ♪ >> how is he with the diaper changing? >> he's so good at it. it's so andexciting. i'm sure by baby 3 we won be so into it. >> she looks just like him obviously. also had to be the defender ontwitter. as her haters slammed her for date night. starting 9 days luna was born. >> he just thinks it's so silly. >> john was on her mind the new york times best selling cook book arthur one of his
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favorite recipes. >> and n the best on the planet. >> nnt something this model mom shied away from. >> last month of the pregnancy i lost it a bit. i was really, really going for the donuts. i rememberrtrying to order pie every night. all of my girlfriends were like say yes to anything you because afterwards it's not going to be the same. i'll glad i did that. >> it's so good. >> yeah. last month of my pregnancy i was having donuts and cakes but i didn't look like that after my pregnancy. >> you looked goo you know it. it is a big night tonight on cbs with the season fincis new orleans and ncis and tonight is also the of the line for one of the mother ships original characters. i sit down with michael weatherly to get you clues on tony's departure. & >> i can't stay here. >> it's a very emot episode but also a very uplifting episode which is important and
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if you remember how tony got his job at ncis then that will be a good indication of how he leaves ncis. >> first clue, he started out as a baltimore homicide detective so is he going back? all michael would tell me is its a heart w ride. >> is everybody going to be okay when you leave? >> the leaving of show i lo sandra o and some of the greys anatomy people that left. you know how peo handle these things. you don't to be too weird about the departure. >> another thing, is he going to reunite? nearly three years ago his former co-worker and true love left ncis. it seems tonight he rushes to find her after a bombing. but you know cbs isn't giving up anything. >> go. >> but we fans rejoice he'll be back on cbs in the
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fall. it's based on dr. phil's early career as a trial consultant. also tonight on the seas finale of ncis new orleans tries to stop a terrorist threat. >> we need to figure it out before the bomb goes off. >> the show played host to a who's who of new orleans musical talent and scott gets right in the mix. >> the show averages 13 million viewers a week. >> in new orleans an that thunder. this comes with rain. when there's rain. >> we don't get weather here in hollywood. >> not a thunderstorms. >> that was a legit thunderstorm. back to michael weatherly tomorrow we'll see him in new york as cbs announces the new fall line-up. >> and we'll be right back.
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why she's calling herself a
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nightmare and the trigger she still fears. >> khloe and brooklyn beckham make their official debut yeah, he's here on the. >> he is 19 he is 17. >> he is the son of victoria and david beckham. and they were at the premiere of the newcombdy neighbors two out t friday. >> he's a good boy. >> did he come from lob don. >> girl, that's a keeper. >> i know. >> he came all the way f london to come be here with you tonight. >> he's 17. you can't lock him down. >> yeah he's a boy. still a boy. keyword there. >> by the way, zac efron was a
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no show. he was still filming bay watch in miami. >> a man. >> yeah. >> the insider tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, ginger zee's eating disorder admission. >> i don't think i even knew how bad it was at that time. >> her claim that she chose anorexia. >> that was a big moment for me to stand up and say here i am. >> her quote coming under fire today as our medical experts break down her disorder. >> she was a little gir she didn't choose a disease. >> then demi lovato and nick jonas in karaoke. >> but why is demi blowing up his little black book. >> cyrus gomez cyrus. >> are we going to keep talking about my dating life. >> is kerry washington on media.


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